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*Please note: the following example of a Premium iGuide includes a video which is NOT included with our iGuide packages, but can be ordered as an add-on.

Sample iGuide Report

Our iGuide Report is what you receive once your iGuide is ready. It includes 3D virtual tour links, professional photography, professionally drafted floor plans, property details including measurements, and easy-to-embed code. In it you will find all of the links, downloads, and tools you need to list and market your property.


Please check your MLS policy for using branded vs. unbranded virtual tours.


Virtual Tour Link

Branded: https://youriguide.com/123_Leading_Image_Av_toronto_on
Unbranded: https://unbranded.youriguide.com/123_Leading_Image_Av_toronto_on

Floor Plans

PDF (feet): https://youriguide.com/123_Leading_Image_Av_toronto_on/doc/floorplan_imperial.pdf
PDF (meters): https://youriguide.com/123_Leading_Image_Av_toronto_on/doc/floorplan_metric.pdf


Low-Res (1MP) Image Gallery: Download (right-click to copy link)
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JPG Floor Plans: Download (right-click to copy link)
Offline iGuide: Download (right-click to copy link)

Note: The download links will expire in 3 weeks.


Feature Sheet Creator: https://manage.youriguide.com/feature_sheet/?g=123_Leading_Image_Av_toronto_on
Embedding Tool: https://manage.youriguide.com/embed/123_Leading_Image_Av_toronto_on
Create Virtual Showing: https://show.youriguide.com/create?url=123_Leading_Image_Av_toronto_on


Property Details

Room Measurements


2pc Bath: 3′ x 7’3″ | 22 sq ft
Dining: 8’6″ x 23’7″ | 193 sq ft
Hall: 5’1″ x 6′ | 30 sq ft
Kitchen: 12’4″ x 26’1″ | 322 sq ft
Living: 12’3″ x 25′ | 284 sq ft
Office: 4’9″ x 17’2″ | 82 sq ft


5pc Bath: 10’11” x 4’11” | 54 sq ft
Bedroom: 9’7″ x 10’6″ | 100 sq ft
Bedroom: 10’11” x 17’5″ | 187 sq ft
Bedroom: 10’11” x 8’3″ | 90 sq ft
Ensuite: 7’7″ x 5’2″ | 39 sq ft
Ensuite: 5’9″ x 2’10” | 17 sq ft
Ensuite: 6’7″ x 12’11” | 84 sq ft
Master: 19’6″ x 19’11” | 293 sq ft
Wic: 6’2″ x 9’5″ | 58 sq ft


3pc Bath: 6′ x 6’9″ | 41 sq ft
Bar: 15’10” x 7’5″ | 106 sq ft
Laundry: 6’8″ x 19’9″ | 115 sq ft
Rec Room: 23’9″ x 11′ | 241 sq ft
Utility: 3′ x 7′ | 21 sq ft


Garage: 11’11” x 19’6″ | 212 sq ft

Note: Only major rooms are listed. Some listed rooms may be excluded from total interior floor area (e.g. garage). Room dimensions are largest length and width; parts of room may be smaller. Room area is not always equal to product of length and width.


Floor Area Information


Interior Area: 1132 sq ft
Perimeter Wall Length: 159 ft
Perimeter Wall Thickness: 11.8 in
Exterior Area: 1289 sq ft


Interior Area: 1133 sq ft
Excluded Area: 7 sq ft
Perimeter Wall Length: 160 ft
Perimeter Wall Thickness: 11.8 in
Exterior Area: 1291 sq ft

BASEMENT (Below Grade)

Interior Area: 753 sq ft
Perimeter Wall Length: 157 ft
Perimeter Wall Thickness: 11.8 in
Exterior Area: 907 sq ft


Interior Area: 40 sq ft
Excluded Area: 212 sq ft
Perimeter Wall Length: 34 ft
Perimeter Wall Thickness: 11.8 in
Exterior Area: 73 sq ft

Total Above Grade Floor Area

Main Building Interior: 2305 sq ft
Main Building Excluded: 219 sq ft
Main Building Exterior: 2653 sq ft

Note: For explanation of floor area calculations and method of measurement please see https://youriguide.com/measure/. All displayed floor areas are rounded to nearest integer. Total area is computed before rounding and may not equal to sum of displayed floor areas.

iGuide Analytics

iGuide Analytics provides valuable call-to-action insights focused on where your listing is getting the most traffic and by whom. Leverage these to help you make strategic decisions. We focus on providing you with the information you need; so that you can focus on closing the deal.

Deluxe vs Premium iGuides

We have two different types of iGuides. Our Premium iGuide has a more detailed floor plan including items such as appliances and fixtures as well as an advanced measuring system. This allows you to really get to know the space in a more intimate way. Our Deluxe iGuide floor plan also provides the information you need to get a thorough understanding of the floor plan layout. Compare the two below. 



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